Fire Damage

A fire is a frightening experience. It can do a lot of damage, and the smoke can be even more damaging. After seeing an area with fire and smoke damage, it can be almost impossible to believe it will ever look as nice as it did before the disaster.

Call In the Fire and Smoke Damage Experts – ServiceMaster Restore

At ServiceMaster Baraboo, we have cleaned and restored many fire and smoked damaged areas. No job is too big or too small. We’ve brought small and large areas back to their original state in less time than anyone ever thought we could. It’s all because of our certified technicians.

All of our technicians have been trained on how to assess fire and smoke damaged areas to identify destroyed areas. This includes inspecting walls, floors, and all furniture and structures. Many times, fire can compromise the safety of buildings, so it’s important to make sure the area is structurally sound.

Once technicians know what has been damaged, they can get to work on restoring and cleaning them. The special equipment our technicians use will remove soot from everything. After removing the soot, it will be easier to clean everything using the highest quality cleaning products on the market today. By the time our technicians leave your home or office, no one will ever know the area was damaged by fire and smoke.

If a structure is destroyed, we have construction services to repair or rebuild. Our contractors will assess the damage to conclude whether it’s possible to simply repair the structure or if it’s going to have to be completely rebuilt. No matter the case, the contractors will take care of restoring the structure.